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Last week i was assigned to start training one of our biggest, most expensive horses to rehab her from a back injury. I had ridden this horse in the past: was never difficult, just reached a height of 7ft.
Ive ridden big horses all my life. I didnt think anything of it.
Knowing this horse and trusting her, i put her halter on and walked her into the aisle to get her ready.
That is the moment everything changed.
I held the rope in my hand as she reared up on her hind legs and knocked me on the ground. As i lay below her snarling fury i pull back on the rope trying to refuge what little control i had left.
My feeble hand was but a joke to her brute strength as she took off dragging me behind her. She bucked and kicked trying to get me to let go as i straggled close behind her menacing hooves.
I lay on the ground thinking about how this was the end. Death by $45,000 Hanovarian. I finally lost my strength and loosened my grip and i watched in a cloud of dust as she stormed down the driveway.
I lay only momentarily before i was met by a young woman with the beast in hand.
I see my job in a different light: death is only one trusting move away.


it happens at 1 in the morning

right when I think of you

start to remember you

want to be near you

and I fight the urge

to call

because neither of us 

can go down that road again

so I stay silent

we stay silent

and try to forget

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