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I don’t know that to do. I know it’s not healthy to keep her close but I’m scared if I give her space she’ll run right into his arms. She makes me happier than I’ve ever been but also has the amazing ability to make me more angry than humanly possible. I know this is love but why does it have to be now. Why does he have to be in the picture. Why can’t I just give her space and let what happens happens. I need to.

An absolutely beautiful girl that i had once modeled with has my heart right now. Liz has a gorgeous face, hair, and a perfect body: everything you could want in a model.
On september 7th she’ll be shaving her head (yes completely bald) for cancer awareness.
She is an inspringly beautiful girl who is more brave than i could ever fathom.
Best wishes, liz bender.

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